Long Arm Services


Harmony Point Studio offers edge-to–edge quilting using APQS Millennium and Quilt Path system.

Quilting Services:

Edge-to-edge quilting covers the entire quilt and is $0.025 cents per square inch. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for any quilting service. To calculate the quilting price, multiply the length by the width of the quilt. Then multiply that by .02.

If your quilt top is 63 inches wide x 87 inches long, then multiply 63 x 87 for a total of 5,481:
63 inches x 87 inches = 5,481 inches squared.

Then, multiply the inches squared by $0.025:
5,481 x $0.02 = $137.025

The total price for quilting would be $137.03

My longarm can fit a quilt up to 144” x 144” or 12 ft x 12ft

Your prepared backing needs to be 5” wider than the finished quilt top on all 4 sides. The backing will be 10” longer and 10” wider than your top measurements.

Batting is available in natural or white, for $10.00 per yard

Additional Services:
Binding: I am happy to bind your quilt for you! You provide the fabric, and I will bind your quilt for a fee of .20 cents per inch.

Quilt Backing: I can prepare your quilt backing for a fee of $15.00.

Trimming: I will trim your quilt after quilting for a fee of $7.00.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks!